How to Beat those Lockdown Feels

As coronavirus lockdown continues in the UK the reality of the situation is beginning to bite into our mental well-being. There is no clear plan yet for when or how lockdown will be lifted and many are feeling reluctant to resume the movement and mingling of pre-virus life anyway. In our work as a trusted friend at Generation Snowflake we know that emotions are running high.

You may not be sleeping well, you may be having bad dreams, awaking to an anxious feeling in your stomach or chest. Your body may be tense with all the emotion you are carrying. We know. We are Snowflakes too. Hopefully the tips below will help though:

1. Limit news exposure to once a day

Fear and anxiety are often fuelled by repeated checking on news about the situation, too much reading of articles about the effects of Covid-19 or speculation about what happens next will generally drive up anxiety. Whatever you do, don't read the Daily Mail. Ever. 

2. Maintain routines

Try to keep to a daily routine of waking and getting up, exercising, working, eating regularly, playing and relaxing and going to bed at the same time each day. This creates a sense of predictability which the Snowflake mind craves right now.

3. Revive old hobbies and joys

What may be helpful is to replace the activities that required going out and seeing other people with things you used to enjoy doing. Often as life gets busier we stop doing things we used to love to lose ourselves in.

4. Recognise and allow your feelings

They are not signs of weakness or something you cannot handle or will get stuck in. Feelings are normal and shared by others too. If you can, have a chat with someone you trust about how you are feeling. If you can’t write it down in a journal or personal blog. Just like we are doing here. 

5. Stay active

Action is the enemy of anxiety. Do what you can to minimise your risk and move your body to work off the extra adrenalin in your system. Go out. But don't go out. Stay at home if you can. But if you can' get the idea