Q: What is Generation Snowflake?
A: Generation Snowflake  is a UK based marketplace for provocative face masks and other garments. Launched in 2020, Generation Snowflake is the leading destination for provocative apparel, currently only offering face masks but with other merchandise in the pipeline. 


Q Can my mask be washed and reused?
A: Yes, absolutely! That is the whole point of the mask!

Q: Will this protect me from Coronavirus?
A: Our mask is designed as an accessory for aesthetic purposes only and we cannot guarantee its effectiveness against the contraction of any infection.

Q: Can I be arrested for wearing this?
A: Depends on what you do whilst wearing the mask 


Q: Where do you deliver and how much does it cost?
A: We deliver only within the United Kingdom and delivery is FREE

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: Sadly not, please see our returns policy for more information regarding this

Q: Can my order be shipped to a work address?
A: Yes! Just add the correct address at checkout.